70,000 People Die from Overdose Every Year.
Overdose fatalities can be prevented! No one has to die!

Overdose Prevention, Therapy & Counseling, Life & Recovery Coaching, Drug Treatment & Interventions

Working together with communities and other mental health and addiction treatment professionals to save livesprevent relapse and loss of control, reduce recidivism and treatment drop-out rates,

by intervening pre, post, or during treatment  with people who are having a difficult time outside of the treatment setting.



Request OD reversal & prevention kit delivery, learn what to do in case of OD



Relapse can be prevented. See how integrative treatment works. Get the help you need 



Safety is our number one concern. Many volunteering opportunities to choose from



Consists of physical, holistic, spiritual, and aesthetic self-care and wellness providers

  • Volunteer Based Supervised Injections

  • Overdose Reversal Kit Delivery

  • Overdose Reversal Training

  • Treatment Resources & Referrals

Who is at Risk for Overdose?
  • People who use alone

  • Using after treatment

  • After incarceration

  • Probation or Parolees

  • New Users

  • Young People (adolescents, young adults)

  • Heroin Users who buy off the street

  • Those who buy from new dealers

Safe Use Plan
  1. Do Not Use Alone

  2. Test the Shot

  3. Always carry Narcan (Naloxone)

  4. Learn the protocol to prevent fatality

  5. Watch the video 

If you need live assistance with any of these steps, DO NOT hesitate to contact us. Completely confidential.

Contact us and we will gladly come out to your facility and train your staff and/or patients to ease your case load and ensure compliance with state law.

Training video about what to do in case of an overdose. Feel free to contact us for a live training and to obtain overdose reversal kits.


What to Do When Loved Ones are Addicted 

  1. Learn what to do for yourself and other family members who are not actively using.

  2. Get resources for families of the addicted individual.

  3. Clear up any confusion, and get answers to questions.

  4. Self-care options

  5. Completely Confidential 

Contact us to schedule a family training session.

Interventions During and/or After Treatment

  1. Have structure and accountability in any stage of recovery

  2. Prevent a lapse from becoming a relapse by returning to active addiction.

  3. Occurs in your natural home, work, and recreational environments.

  4. Professional and peer companions to accompany, motivate, and ensure follow-through until your personal recovery path is mapped out.

  5. For individuals with a history of relapse after a period of abstinence. 

  6. Replace the pleasure of using drugs with the pleasure derived from living a life that has purpose and meaning.


Recidivism Prevention for Probation & Parole Violators Due to Compliance Issues.

  1. Assisting Probation, Parole, and Pretrial clientele to successfully comply with all requirements if difficulties present themselves.

  2. Alternative to incarceration for those who are facing violations due to non-compliance of court ordered treatments, education, and community service.

  3. If a violator is discharged from a court ordered treatment program, we address and resolve any mitigating factors prior to re-engaging into the court ordered treatment program.

  4. We will address underlying mental health barriers and provide you with case management services to help you resolve life problems that interfere with your ability to complete mandated treatment.

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