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Therapy and Substance Use Counseling

Alternative to traditional all or nothing approaches to “addiction” treatment. based on humane, rational, and evidence based models of therapy.

To Become a Referral Source

We are offering treatment facilities licensed through IDHS/DASA an opportunity to ease the load by using us to come out and train clients seeking treatment for an opiate use disorder to be trained in overdose reversal and prevention, free of charge, as required by law. (see DHS/DASA Statute - PA 99-0553)

Here is what we are looking for in a provider or treatment facility:

Please do not take offense to these requirements, this are just things that we have come across over the years, and do not apply to everyone, or anyone in particular. 

  • Meet the client or patient where they are

    • If the client or patient is not ready to stop using their drug of choice, you agree to continue working with t​hem.

  • Treat each substance as its own diagnosis

    • You don't assume that just because a person is addicted to one substance, they cannot use any substance or be prescribed certain medications that may help them because they have potential for addiction, therefore, you refuse to prescribe.

    • You take each drug or problem as it comes up.

  • You are able to adjust to meet the needs of the client or patient.

    • You don't have a "one-size-fits-all approach."

    • You take time with each client to figure out how to help them.

      • You don't assume that you know more about the client or patient than they know about themselves.

  • You don't assume that everyone who comes to you for help is a liar.

  • You incorporate overdose reversal and safe use plans in your treatment, despite what you believe.

    • You understand that relapse is the norm not the exception without denial. Therefore this is very important.

  • You don't blame the client if they lapse or relapse, you figure out why this happened and work from there.

  • If you provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) you don't cut a client off if they smoke weed, drink, or use another drug non-problematically as long as there is no negative interaction, they don't put themselves at risk for overdose fatalities by mixing, and they do not meet the symptom requirements for a substance use disorder for that particular drug.

  • You don't push your beliefs about what works onto the client.

    • Instead you try to match the client accordingly to their beliefs as far as community support goes, and you offer all possible options. 

  • You don't think that supervised injections are enabling drug use, but rather saving lives so people can recover.

  • You treat underlying mental health and developmental issues simultaneously

    • Not just get stuck on the belief that if a person is actively using you cannot move past the getting them abstinent phase.

    • You try to replace the benefit they get from their substance use with what they need to not use.

If you can agree with all of the above, we would love to list you as a provider and refer clients or patients to you. Please fill out our provider application so we can provide a detailed explanation of what you do, costs involved, and insurances accepted.

Download provider application and submit it to

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