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Our team consists of other organizations and private practitioners who we have a close relationship with. We work together to provide you with exceptional treatment.

Lucien Izraylov (Founder)

M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

CADC (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor)
CODP (Co-Occuring Disorder Professional)

In 2012, Lucien enrolled at Roosevelt University to work on a Psychology degree, and to pursue his dream to become a licensed counselor. He began digging as deep as he can into the research about addiction, treatment, and the ever increasing overdose rate in our society. Lucien's ultimate question is "why so many people were/are unable to maintain their recovery after months or even years post treatment?" Lucien's desire to learn as much as he can about substance use disorders led him to become apt in working with people who have mild to severe addictive disorders. Every opportunity he had to research and write about a topic in his courses, he always chose literature that addressed in some degree, or can be applied to addiction and treatment. In fact, Lucien wrote his undergraduate senior thesis about inadequacies in the addiction treatment field that results in such a high failure rate, and how this is related to the growing rate of overdose fatalities in our communities. 

Additionally, Lucien volunteered as a research assistant for several addiction advocacy organizations, including Students for Sensible Drug Policies (SSDP) part of the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy at Roosevelt University, and the community psychology think tank at DePaul University. Towards the end of his undergraduate studies, Lucien became employed at a community mental health center as an entry-level employee. He obtained his CADC and MISA I certifications while there, and he enrolled into the Clinical Psychology Masters' program at Roosevelt to continue to learn about his passion, on how to help people who struggle with addiction to reduce the relapse and fatality rates. 

Within three-and-a-half years of being employed at the community mental health center,  He quickly advanced within the organization. He started as an administrative assistant, then became a Recovery Coach, then addictions and mental health counselor, and finally ending up as the Director of Substance Abuse Programs at all five locations of the organization. While working at the center, his advice was sought by co-workers, including licensed professional counselors, Ph.Ds and Psy.Ds about many of the more difficult cases. He was expected to share his knowledge and expertise with counseling trainees interning at the organization. But the one thing he could not teach was how to be intuitive as a counselor. This comes from years or decades of practice, and naturally to some clinicians in the field, especially those like Lucien, who have experienced much adversity in life because of his addiction, combined with a passion for learning and gaining the "book smarts," and the experience he has acquired since 2005 while working with this population. After his promotion to Director, Lucien was requested by his superiors to transfer his clients to other clinicians so he can fully step into his role of Director. However, he was allowed to keep some of the more difficult cases, as well as pick up a few cases of difficult clients who others could not handle. After being praised by clients about his effectiveness while treating them, Lucien realized how much of a disservice it is to people who struggle with addictive and mental health disorders to be denied the opportunity to work with a clinician who understands them. One who has the knowledge and life experience to be the proponent of positive change for those who are at risk of becoming engulfed in the vicious cycle of recovery and relapse unnecessarily. This is what he brings to each and every client, in each and every group or individual session that he facilitates. (Download Curriculum Vitae)

Tangee Moscoso


Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practioner

I am the owner and founder of Holistic Mental Health Wellness Inc., which originated long before it was founded in 2015. I started in the field of psychiatry in 2005, as a floor nurse at an urban hospital in Chicago. Here, I saw how the deprivation of social, physical, mental, spiritual nurturing, and love from others and towards ourselves can impact one's psyche. In addition, having grown up in a 3rd world country, without my parents or consistent caregivers; where poverty, neglect, and abuse was not uncommon, and later facing challenges of all flavors, I began to see how nothing was an accident but that all my experiences  had been preparing  me to do my work.

As I went through my own healing journey, I had this inner knowing that all that one experiences, is not an accident but opportunities which ultimately lead us to see our true beautiful essence. As I started practicing as an APN, after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, I soon found that though there is a place for medication in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, in particular, one cannot ignore that there are holistic options that don't only treat the symptoms but help heal fully at the core of the problem. My journey has led me to my relentless love for all, and the burning desire to help others find their way to their own healing journey. This has become my mission, being a vehicle towards other's healing via integrative treatment modalities; helping everyone not just those diagnosed with mental illness, reach their highest potential!

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